Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Today is tuesday, a cool drizzly day. I must be becomeing acclimatised to the weather, I said cool not cold. Ha.
I took mum to Wagga to see her accountant. We had a dawdle around the shops , I didn't buy anything except some cocky seed, and we ate lunch at the R.S.L. club. My car is still out of action but they worked out that it was some part broken in the distributor. The part will be here tomorrow so I should have it back in th afternoon. The registration is due on 22nd and it has been passed so everything else is o.k. I guess it will cost a bit but it is worth it to have 2 cars again and not have to share cars and get out of bed early to take each other to work. I had to get petrol before I left this morning and a woman was parked front of the petrol bowser and having a social visit in th shop. I waited about 10 mins, during which time her daughter had gone in and told her to move and she had come out of the shop and gone back inside twice, so I voted with my feet and left. I got petrol at the other garage. I must be getting old and impatient, but I wasn't in a good enough mood to wait for stupid women. Just outside of Wagga the police had her pulled over on the side of the road, poetic justice.
We all went out for tea at the Indian restaurant on Sunday night for Michaels 25th birthday. It has great food and is my favorite restaurant, but it was Michaels choice. My son is 25, I must be old. That's the picture above.

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