Saturday, 23 June 2007

The Pott's.

A Flower for the Pottsies.They loved their garden.
Mrs Potts was buried today. She was in our nursing home for about 6 months after fighting not to be there, after quite a few visits to the acute care ward. She was a nursing sister herself, a very intelligent woman and the wife of our dear Dr Potts who died about 3 years ago. He was the local G.P. here for well over 30 years and a well loved and respected member of our community. He had a funny sense of humor that always told you he was a bit smarter than the average. If you met him and said how are you he answered I have Craft disease. Stands for. (Can't.Remember. A F#*!ing. Thing) of if he was on the ramp he would answer to your greeting, looking up! or looking down depending which direction he was going. He caught me with that one for ages before I changed my greeting to just G'Day. Then he would go on his way with a satisfied smirk. He had other funny things he would say to th staff and leave them to work it out. All of the oldies trusted him and if they were confused you only had to tell them "Dr Potts said so" and they were satisfied and settled down.
His funeral courtage toured the town and the streets were lined with people. I didn't try to go to his funeral because I stayed at work to look after things so other people could go. We had all the residents who could, out on the front lawn to watch him go by and stood to attention when it came along. One of the residents, Belle, did a classic and yelled out "Hey you! sit down in front", it lightened the moment considerably, he would have been laughing. Belle is great and you never know what she is going to come out with next.
The town's people always said that Mrs Potts gave the town her husband, they are together again now I reckon. He worked right up to the day he died and that was the way he wanted it.
Mrs Potts was ready to go, she had suffered enough. Sad yes, but not sad too. The end of an era for our town.
I know that character develops with age, but I wonder if todays doctors will stick with one town so loyally for so long like they did.

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