Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Autumn Colour

I thought that since I have not posted any pictures to support my blog stories of the last few weeks, today I would. The first picture is of the little camellia at my new front door. It has been flowering its heart out ever since we moved here.
Here are Rufus my little doggie, having a tug of war with Ruby, my sons staffie dog who visited us on the Anzac day weekend. She is so much stronger than Rufus that she drags him around the back yard and he just hangs on.
This is a picture of part of the Anzac day crowd watching the parade.
This is before the parade in the centre of Anzac parade, the marshaling area.
Also included today are Autumn pics taken this morning around my yard. This is one of 2 wisteria vines on the back of the house showing the last of their autumn colour.
A pretty red berberis out the front.
These orange leaves are out the front and are on a lovely flowering cherry. I can't wait until to see its beautiful spring display.
Same plant, close up of leaves. If you can see the speckled leaves, they are damaged by little pear and cherry slugs who have been having a lovely time eating them.
This is also out the front. It is a big snowball tree. Or if you want to be proper a Viburnum Sterile.
Cheeky our galah. The perch in his cage has a v shape branch and he uses it to rest his chest across when he lays in the sun. A very laid back birdy.
View from the back verandah where we sit in the sun. It is quite nice there, out of the wind. My Mum enjoys sitting there watching the birds visit the yard. She spends quite a bit of time out here and we leave out seed blocks to attract the birds into the trees.
I don't know what this tree is but the leaves are nice. I really slaughtered it when I pruned it back a few weeks ago as most of the top branches were nearly dead and I cut it back to just a few of these fresh shoots that were on it.
Straggly shrub with yellow leaves out the back.
Last but not least is a picture of the last leaves on the prunus out the back.They have changed from a dark burgundy to an orange for the autumn.
My mother's day was a disaster. Our naughty doggie Rufus was badly hurt. He was sitting in the front yard while Peter was raking up leaves and he decided he was going to show some big dogs that he was the boss of this area by running out to tell them about it and was attacked. I don't know what sort of dogs they were but they were bloody big ones. Something like rhodesian ridge backs I think. Anyway they were both on the lead so that was probably the only thing that saved him from being killed outright. One of them picked him up in its mouth and shook him. The man who had them managed to get Rufus out of its mouth. We rushed him to the vet. He had air escaping from a punctured lung and has a broken rib as well. There was escaped air gurgling around underneath his skin so he puffed up, on the way to the hospital I had to apply pressure to his lung with my hand. He spent a night at the emergency vets hospital and came back here where he spent the next day at the vet closer to home. At the moment he is back at the vet in Fadden, just down the road and is having more x-rays to see that the clot holding his damaged lung is staying where it should be and sealing well. He is a very sore and sorry little doggie, and not yet out of danger until we are sure that the hole in his lung is closed properly. The vet said this morning that they would try taking the bandages off today or tomorrow and see if it holds, which will be the big test. If not then he will have to have surgery to stitch it up. Silly little bloke though, I bet he forgets that you shouldn't chase big doggies next time he gets excited by them. It is a Jack Russell trait to be oblivious of their size when other dogs are around.
I can't get to work today as my car is still in the garage having seals fixed in the motor and steering and god know what else. I do know its costing me a fortune, over $1700, but it is necessary for me to get around. My blog entry will benefit from my afternoon off anyway.
I got the car registered when I moved here and the mechanic told me that he had passed it on the condition I had it fixed soon. Last week I got a letter from the powers that be stating my car had been chosen for a random audit to be carried out in the next 15 days so I had to get the repairs done. They have had my car since yesterday and hopefully I should get it back late this afternoon.
Alright I better go and get lunch for everyone. Bye Love Linda.


Anonymous said...

Hello Linda May :) Your garden is ABLAZE in Autumn! Cheeky looks happy and I'm sorry to read about your Mother's Day and hope Rufus heals quickly!!!

A wildlife gardener said...

Beautiful Autumn colour :) I do hope Rufus gets well soon :)

Bimbimbie said...

Oh no you have been having a bad run with your pets Linda May ... what are they trying to do to you. My little dog is a Pomeranian x Foxy who likes bossing our Rotti ;) Hope Rufus gets well soon and has learnt a painful lesson.

I'm envious of all the autumn colour down there but not your cool temperature. Guess they go hand in hand though don't they lol.

Cheeky has the right idea soak up the warmth of the sun. Smiles to you *!*

Martha said...

Hello Linda, I am glad to be back too even if not as regularly as before. Enjoying your pictures and posts. So sorry to hear about Rufus. Prayers for his recovery.

winterwood said...

Linda the colours over there in your garden are stunning!!! Peter cundall from gardening australia would be amazed!!! I loved the berberis especially - I dont think we have that one here?

Merle said...

Dear Linda ~~ Wonderful pictures of all the Autumn glory. I hope Rufus is healing well, He is too brave for his size. Thanks for your comments and glad you enjoy my posts. Take care,
Love, Merle.

linda may said...

Thank you all for the kind comments. Rufus is doing better and now out of danger. He is still sore and a bit nervous. When he was at the vets yesterday he was eager to make friends with the little doggies but got worried and hid between Peter's feet when a German Shepard came through the door. So he might have learn t his lesson. He doesn't have to go back for another check up until Monday.