Sunday, 4 May 2008

Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is family.
It got me thinking about different types of family. I have my family who lives with me, a son and daughter who have grown enough to live elsewhere and grow their own lives, being still part of mine. Then there is my sisters and their children. My uncles and aunts and cousins who I don't see often but still love. My husbands family who don't always impress me so I won't bother trying with them much anymore.
Branches of a tree with myself in the middle branching and spreading out towards the top, but also, roots spreading out into the earth that nourishes the tree with its ancestors. Hmmm.... what a nice picture. If a bit egocentric.
I also think of different types of families being made up of a mixture of relationships that just a few decades ago would have been determined as incorrect. Homosexual, inter racial, inter denominational, single parent. Nowadays we are a bit more broad minded, who are we to judge.
Another family, maybe in the community/ family area is the people who we share interests with. I became a member of the Canberra Potter's society today. People I don't know yet but through mutual interests I hope I will come to know well.
There are so many directions you could go with this prompt.
Something funny I thought up ages ago was a false botanical family name for myself. It links my country, and my interest in gardening and pottery together. "Australis robustus clayii". Australis-meaning Australian. Robustus- meaning big and strong. Clayii- meaning associated with clay. See if you can think up one for yourself and let me know. Just for fun. I thought up some for my workmates at the time too which they liked. Lucy was Australis mini alba. She is tiny and her sir name is white. Sharon, Australis robustus stitches, she is big and sews. Leonie, Australis robustus alba. Her name was white, etc. See what you come up with.
Today being sunday I went for a Sunday drive. Mostly because I wanted to get my route through the city between my two cleaning jobs right after stuffing it up so badly last week. Over near the school in Kambah that I have to clean I saw a road sign pointing to Kambah pools. When I had a look at it on the map, it lead to picnic spots beside the Murrumbidgee river which is the same river that runs down through Wagga. My river. I went down there for a look today and it is a really beautiful spot, covered in walking tracks. The bush is thick and steep and the river is very different to look at than what it is in the Wagga area. The water runs through rocky shallows over black basalt and red granite rock, into pools that are cool and green with tiny sandy beaches at the sides. Just the kind of spot I would have loved to go exploring in when I was a child. Beautiful. Today we had Rufus with us in the car and there were signs prohibiting dogs (because of the wildlife I guess) so I wasn't able to explore very far as he had to stay in the car. But I will return with more time and energy for a better look later. Puffing and panting as the terrain is very steep, but I won't let that stop me.
Family Comes First. If it doesn't then you are on the wrong track.
Bye Love Linda.


Bimbimbie said...

Hi Linda ... I love where you went with this family post. We do have lots of family connections that don't have to be of the blood variety. And I love the tree connections of course. You immediately had me wondering what name I might give myself and off the top of my head as I continued reading I thought hybrid - having lived half my life in England and half in Australia ...
Winged Hybrid Pomme lol ;)

Looking forward to seeing some photos from the Murrumbidgee river .. a little bit of home from home for you Linda. It's good you have found a pottery group to join, should help you settle in to your new surrounds while you get messily creative *!*

... We missed 5-10 mins of sound from the Parrot doco last night ... sqwark :(

A wildlife gardener said...

My motto always comes first. Our two sons live in London and Paris, so we only see them every three months...and when they come to us, my whole world revolves around them :)

Re your latin/botanical name idea...I'm going to have a little plaque made to hang outside my back door. On it will be the words, 'Veni, vidi, in horto colui'...I came, I saw, I made a garden (or, I gardened). this is because where there was once a corner of a farmer's field, 17 years ago, full of pernicious I (with initial help from my hubbie)have created a garden for wildlife :)

winterwood said...

Linda I too loved the post with the speciaal refernce to the tree connection. Oh gosh I'm sitting here thinking of what I might be...ok, like bimbimbie, I have lived in aus for half my life, so yes, mine would have to be similar. will have to think some more...nothing coming to me right at this mo!! glad u found a pottery group, thats always a good anchor point.

Green thumb said...

Dear Linda, thanks for your nice comment on my blog.
For me too, Family comes first.
I loved your idea of Family also being relationship between people of similar we have a family of Garden lovers who blog. Great Concept...Great Post!!