Monday, 19 May 2008

Here are my last few photos. Don't ask me why they are side by side. I don't know what I did wrong but the are lookable anyway. The two top ones are of a favourite recipe taught to me by my adopted Nanny Fox who lived next door to me in Urana years ago. She called it an apple cake but it is sort of a cross between a cake and a pie. This has peaches in it but you can make it with apple or apricot as well, and vanilla icing but it is also great with passionfruit icing or lemon or even just sugar sprinkled and glaze on top of it.
The next ones are my poor sore puppy dog after his misadventures last sunday. He is doing o.k now but still has to keep quiet until his ribs heal which will be for 4 to 6 weeks. He is getting spoilt though, because ever since the injury we have moved his bed inside so he gets to sleep inside out of the cold.
It was sure cold this morning. A white frosty morning with a minimum temperature of 2.7 celcius.Brrr.
I spoke to my new boss about the mix up with hours at the school and he said he will pay us for 1 & 1/2 hours and increase the time to 1 1/2 hrs each afternoon. He must have been thinking about it because I barely mentioned it to him and he told me he had fixed things up for us. So all is well.
I had a few hours extra work this morning cleaning up a house that had been refurbished. The painters hadn't finished on time though so we couldn't finish everything. It was a nice big, old, solid, period house with all the trimmings and about 12 ft ceilings. There was a framed story there about it, that said it was built in 1922. Must have been in the very early years of this city.
The picture below is of some visitors to my yard. A pair of lovely king parrots. I snuck up on them slowly to take the picture and they took off when I took about 2 steps closer than where I took this from. Mum loves watching the birds come into the back yard expecially these ones which are her favourites. The male bird is at the front of the picture and the female is the one at the rear. She has more green feathers and her red chest isn't as bright as the males. We were watching them from the laundry window on sunday morning and there were 5 of them walking around on the clear plastic roofing just above us. Reminds me of a kids book that was around when my kids were small. 'there's a hippopotamus on my roof eating cake." Ha Ha.
So we went out to the nurseries at Pialligo and bought a bird feeding table to attract them into the yard and watch them feeding. Mum has been spending all of her time sitting out the back in the sun complaining that they aren't there yet.
I got a phone call from one of my neices, Janelle, who is from Brisbane. She is coming to visit me tomorrow morning. She has been to visit her father in Wagga and is making a detour to here on her way home. Should be good, I am looking forward to it. I wonder if she has her eldest grandson, Jaydon, with her.
Also to look forward to tomorrow is, my new lounge is being delivered at last. I was really starting to get fed up with waiting for it after all this time. Nearly 6 weeks wait!. I got it with my finish up pay from my job in Junee when we moved here. Yipee! at last a bright red lounge.
O.K. goodnight, looks like another busy day tomorrow.
Love Linda.


winterwood said...

that doggie is just adorable and looking so sad for itself...awwww....

Bimbimbie said...

Bet your King Parrots have more padding on them then ours with those cold mornings down their. Make sure your mum puts plenty of food out for them ;)

Poor little Rufus ... he does look sweet in his bandages though. And that apple cake looks delish *!*

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Linda - thanks for your kind comments on my french gardening blog - aren't blogs great - when you're in the dead of winter you can enjoy other peoples' plants from afar... having said that nothing like admiring other peoples rather yummy looking cakes from a distance - I thought you were going to tell us that Rufus had polished the cake off... I love Jack Russells - such characters - one of these days I think one would make a great companion to our black labrador Lucy! Enjoy the rest of the weekend... Miranda