Wednesday, 21 May 2008

As mentioned in my last entry my niece Janelle was coming for a visit. She has just left here a little while ago. I really enjoyed my time with her, she is such good value. We went for a drive around town last night and up black mountain tower for a 360 degree look at the lights of the city. The top of the tower is 860 metres above sea level. I call it the hypodermic needle because that is what it looks like to me, and you can see it as a landmark from just about all over Canberra. The other landmark I love, that you can see from all over Canberra is the huge flagpole that stands on the roof of new parliment house, we went there too but the security man drove around to check us out , we were not going to stop anyway, so nyah. We also drove to Mt Ainslee and past the war memorial which looks great lit up at night. In front of the war memorial was a big mob of kangaroos feeding on the nicely manicured lawns. I reckon there was at least 50 of them there that I could see in the dark. The city was brightened by a full yellow moon.
Janelle didn't bring her grandson with her. She has left one job and was taking a holiday before starting the next one. She said she might come back via here on the way home, depending on how sick of traveling she is by then.
My sense of humor is such that I find people using the wrong word in the wrong places highly amusing. Anyway this morning my Mum cracked me up. She was talking about her thyroid problems and she come out with,"You know, years ago we never called this thyroid, we called it coitus." She meant goitre. I had to leave the room to not laugh out loud in front of her. I love it!
Every time I've looked at her since then I can't help grinning to myself. So funny.
Anyway bye for now.
Love Linda.


winterwood said...

oops....for mum..but it hit my funny bone!!! lol!
Linda - do you ever stop - you always sound so busy!!

linda may said...

Hi Krissie,
Thank you for visiting my blog.
I guess I am used to going full tilt, I hate having nothing to do. My relaxation time is here in front of the puter visiting people like you and sticky beaking at links found there.

Bimbimbie said...

Your mum has me blushing ... giggling and blushing over something similar I said to my dad in my mid teens I meant to say organism and instead out came orgasm. Dad didn't miss a beat and just kept on talking while I went beetroot red and melted into the carpet *!*