Friday, 2 May 2008

I got the results of the x-rays I had done last week. There is arthritis in my spine and neck and the pain in my arms that I am so sick of comes from my neck too. A squished nerve. The blood tests were good but didn't show up a reason for the indigestion I've had so I went to have a breath test for the helicobacter bug. Very nice...... funny to be sending a bag full of your bad breath to get tested to the lab. I am glad I don't have to open them.
Goodness me I hate it when old ladies can talk about nothing except how sick they are, don't you?
Yesterday, Mike & I went and did our cleaning at one school and traveled on to the next one and I got gloriously lost. The bit where you find the way through the city is where I went wrong. I nearly ended up back here at home, turned back the other way and almost got back to the city before I worked it out and found the other school. It was about an hour before I found it and I was ready to burst into tears. Which is something I rarely do. Oh well I only have to go to one of the schools this arvo. The boss Brett was waiting for us anxiously and was worried what had happened but he wasn't cranky thank goodness. He had brought me a new vaccumm cleaner to use as the back pack one was not good for my back. The day before I did the trip between the two schools no problems and it took me 20 minutes.
On saturday I will go for a drive over the route between the 2 places and make sure I work it out.
Bye Love Linda.


Merle said...

G'day Linda May ~~ So sorry to hear you have arthritus and hope you can manage it OK. I will send you an e mail About Honey and cinnamon which says it does wonderful things.Might
be worth a try. I used to clean a High School for a few years, a while back. Nice of your boss to get a new Vacuum cleaner. Take care, Love, Merle.

winterwood said...

oh no arthritis...I guess theres nothing really that can be done for that? Keep warm and keep well! yes, one of the joys of moving is then finding all the good/new doctors, dentists etc...I found it a real pain!! have a good weekend Linda!