Friday, 16 May 2008

I am tired, but not sleepy tired. I suppose disappointed and annoyed with myself for being silly might be a more appropriate assessment. I have been working for 2 hrs each afternoon cleaning a school and I was only supposed to be doing 1 hr and have been paid accordingly. Stupid stupid me. I have though it out and I think the mistake is mine. Ah well. I don't know if I can get everything done in the 1 hr time slot. I don't know maybe I should look for something easier. The trouble is the next job may not include sharing with my son Michael. Stupid. Stupid. Hey this fits the sore bit in the latest Sunday Scribblings prompt.
Rufus is getting better. He does not need to go back to the vet to be checked until Monday, after having to go there every day for the last week up until Thursday. He is a lot more nervous now. I brushed up against him with my leg in the kitchen yesterday, he was looking the other way, and he took off yelping as though I was about to grab him or something. Poor little fella. Also at the vet he was scared of a German Shepard dog that came in while he was there. Sore puppy.
We have frosts every morning now. There was some rain tonight and this morning, and more is predicted for the weekend. Ti's good, send it down. The more the better. Pour and soar.
While at one of the schools cleaning yesterday there was a little girl hanging around and when I asked her what she was doing and suggested she go back to her classroom as it was nearly home time she told me very proudly that she was only 5 and a half, and her tooth was already loose so she couldn't go back until it stopped bleeding. Meanwhile she was working it back and forwards with her fingers and marveling how mysterious it all was. So cute. Anyway today she sought me out again to show me and announce that it was still loose and very sore, speaking very earnestly with a proud grin on her face. Funny little girl. I remember when my son Michael lost his first tooth he was so proud he carried it around with him and lost it in the grass in our front yard. He was very upset to think the tooth fairy might not bring him something if she couldn't find it so he drew a picture of the tooth and wrote a note to the tooth fairy with a description of where to find it and even drew some blades of grass as well. I still have the sheet of paper put away with my treasures. The tooth fairy came that night. My daughter also lost one of her teeth and put it in a glass of water in my Mum's kitchen window when she was little. Mum threw it out and it went down the sink. My daughter was inconsolable and poor Mum didn't live that one down for a long time. Ha ha. And this fits the sundays scribblings prompt too. Soar and sore.
This morning I copied my blog buddy Krissie's idea and cooked some pasties to reheat when I come home from work for tea. Mm nice idea . Mum went to the Dr yesterday and she is now on a diet. She is funny. She has gone to the shop to buy healthy snacks and has been into them all day. I guess in a couple of days she will give up because she can't lose weight what ever she tries so she will just eat what she wants. Giggles. She has done it before and refuses to listen to advice and argues with you over it, so... The trials of role reversal.
It is late so good night. Have a nice weekend. I hope you get some rain where ever you are.
Bye Love Linda.


Granny Smith said...

I enjoy these glimpses into your life. You make me jealous, though, with your early morning frosts, since we have been having a heat wave in California with temps to over a hundred - and Otto and I have no air-conditioning.

Martha said...

Glad to hear Rufus is doing better. Hope his skittishness is only temporary but that he is also a little wiser. How we love our pets!

Anonymous said...

Popped back to see how Rufus is doing and it's good news! Funny story about your son't first tooth :)

gautami tripathy said...

Good that Rufus is doing well!

ah, the anticipation

miss*R said...

just quickly popping by to say hello and to tell you I am back from Vietnam.. jet lagged and fuzzy.. will catch up soon xoxo

winterwood said...

oh yum about the pasties... yes they are just the thing after work on a cold evening!! I must make more soon, the recipe I had is v good. Do you read real living mag?

Merle said...

Dear Linda ~~ Sorry about the mistake in your hours at the school. It is hard work, especially during holidays We had to clean windows and do a real spring clean. It's hard work.
Thanks for your comment about my son and his motor-cycle. I worry every time he does those far rides. He is also in the Ulysses club and they do shorter rides, and take toys to the hospital at Christmas etc. Their motto is "To grow old disgracefully" I worry when John is away on a ride, I know he is a good rider, but there are so many
accidents. Take care, my friend,
Love, Merle.