Friday, 4 July 2008

Ever had one of those days? Nothing is going right on the puter tonight. I keep stuffing everything up. Pressing wrong buttons and not being able to do what I want to get done. Well big blah to you Mr puter, I am not giving up!
Here is a picture of my dear hubby Pete. I was making fun of him because it looked like he was pretending to read because the magazine was upside down.

The next picture is of Wagga beach last Saturday. See Rufus in his security dog T shirt. He always gets grins and comments from people when he is wearing it.

The next one is of Wagga beach again, looking upstream. Not much water in the old MurrumbidgeeRiver is there.

I also went to the Junee house to have a look and pinch some more stuff out of the garden while I was there. The next pic is of the little federation daisy I planted last year which is flowering beautifully at the moment.

And there is always always a flower or two on the old geraniums, no matter what time of the year it is.

This is in the back yard. Twisted willow in the fore ground.

The back yard again. It is nice and green at the moment.

The front of our Junee house.The sold sign hasn't gone up yet.

This camellia is out the front in the driveway. It didn't flower at all last year because of the drought but this year with a bit of rain it has fought back and has its lovely big flowers on show again.

More of the same bush. I never did find out its proper name.

This is a verbena out the back yard.

I am missing having my own yard and plants so much. Renting is just not the same as living with a garden you have planted and nurtured yourself over many years. Even though I have a lot of my old plants here in pots with me it is not as good as digging down into the rich cool moist soil and running it through your fingers when you have built the soil up yourself to rich and composted beauty.
This week has been quite busy. On Monday we had Pete's graduation ceremony. It was at old parliament house. A lovely old building. I was kicking myself for forgetting to take my camera. The ceremony was late starting so I had a dawdle through the building for an hour which is set up as a sort of museum of Australian politics and I enjoyed looking at all the displays. I am not into politics but there are some really good displays there that warrant spending lots of time looking at. Work and grocery shopping in the afternoon.
On Tuesday I had a job interview at a nursing home. I didn't do very well because I was honest and confessed to having a bad back. But what can you do, you have to be honest. If they ring me up now I have decided that I won't take a job with them and have decided to stay where I am. On Tuesday morning there was a car parked out the front of our house with all the windows down in the rain. When I went out to have a look the back window was smashed and it had no number plates or registration sticker so Pete called the police and told them about it. It turned out that it was a brand new black song yang 4x4 which had been stolen from a car yard the night before. Pete went out and spoke to the police when they came and the owner when they came to get it and they were grateful that we reported it and said they had not expected to get it back. There was around $3000 damage done to it.
On Wednesday I had to take Mum to have more blood tests. Give driving lessons and work in the afternoon.
Thursday morning was back to have more blood tests and the continuation of tests done the previous day. Then I rushed home because Michael was having driving lessons. Gave more driving lessons and worked in the afternoon. Cute side story. I had special instructions on Thursday afternoon from a little girl about 5 yrs old, who came up to me in the playground with big scared eyes. She asked me could I please get the spiders out of the girls toilets. I said don't you like spiders darling? and she replied querulously, with big scared eyes, no. So I told her I would look after it. I found three small daddy long leg spiders in the room, which were soon no longer recognizable as spiders. I can remember myself being scared of spiders when I was a little girl and could see the same in her face. She was so cute.
Today I got to stay in bed for a while and keep warm. Then it was pretty much just the house work routine, then to work again. Today was the last day of term 2 here in the A.C.T. The kids get 2 weeks holiday now. Cleaning the school this week has been a bit of a pain because they have had parent/ teacher interviews all week and we couldn't get into the rooms to get our work done as we usually would.
Tonight I made butter chicken with drumsticks. Well, the sauce came out of a packet so I guess I cheated but I still had to cook it. It was good winter weather food. Spicy but not hot and very nice.
Bye for tonight.
Love Linda.

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