Sunday, 20 July 2008

G'Day again,
Yes I have written in here twice today. I am having a lazy day. Sitting here on my bum with the heater blowing on me and sticky beaking around blogland. I have done absolutely nothing all day!
There was something else I wanted to comment on but forgot earlier today. So here tis'
For the last week there have been thousands of visitors to our country. They have been here to celebrate World Youth Day in Sydney. I think it is an annual event, not sure. Held in a different country each time and designed to bring together catholic youth from around the globe to celebrate their religion. The next one is in Madrid.
No I am not a catholic, nor am I a church goer. I prefer to practice my faith every day in the way I choose to live. So before anyone shoots me down for that , that is what I believe, I do try to be christian.
There has been lots of stories and pictures of the participants on the news each night. Last night they were all gathered at Randwick race course in the middle of a chilly winter night for a sleep over, services and concerts. It was to get down to 7 degrees. The candle light vigil looked great with so many people there, and the whole race course was covered with people.
It has made me so happy to see their excitement and enthusiasm for life in a time when we hear more about bad things that happen in the world everyday that are so depressing, than we hear of good things happening. We hear so much about the degradation in our society and amongst our youth. Brings a tear to the eye.
Pope Benedict has been greeted with a crowd that is so excited to be part of such a big gathering of people and he is being afforded status above what any rock super star would or could ever have. Wonderful. A great symbol of the christian faith. Brings tears to the eyes and hope for a better future.
Yes, and I know that there are faults with the catholic church which have caused harm to people and their respective cultures in the past but they are, over all, a positive influence in our world today and I hope will continue to stay that way. However I do not agree with everything they say. Which I suppose is a more modern version of a religion. I choose not to follow blindly and I think for myself.
Prior to the event beginning, 500 of the Pilgrims, as they are being called, were here in Canberra. They attended services and had meals in one of the schools Michael and I have been cleaning. So that was the small contribution I was involved in. Sort of anyway. I cleaned up after some of them. It wasn't real bad either.
So all good things and kudos to the pilgrims and the event they have been a part of.
Bye again. Love Linda.

P.S. On the news tonight it said there were almost a quarter of a million pilgrims here.


Merle said...

G'Day Linda ~~ Wow ~ two posts in one
day and both interesting. Talk about ghosts etc and the Pilgrims hee to see the Pope. Well done, Linda.
Thank you for your visit and comments about Benny the Bus Man. Take care,
Love, Merle.

Martha said...

I remember having that same enthusiasm for religion as a teen. So much energy for good. As we get older the force becomes quieter and gentler. Like you, most of us live our faith thru how we live our lives.
Thanks for your comments on my photos. I should have listed the title for each one: Pensive Momma; Hanging Ant; Queen Anne's Blue Sky; Rainbow Web; Sun and Shadow; Wet & Wild Onion.

Gattina said...

Youth gathering is very nice, but not with this old pope he shouls retire ! Here in Europe the pope is very much critisized and even by his church. He is far too old fashioned and dangerous, in time of Aids he is against any protection and priests have to become pedophiles because they have an unnatural life they are not allowed to marry. That's nowhere written in the bible and was an invention of a roman emperior. I live in a catholic country, and people are for the catholic religion and are christians but without pope ! I am like you, I have my personal faith.

Sorrow said...

I think that any kind of place where people come together with Love, and for fun and rejoicing in life is a good thing, no matter what religious label is placed upon it.

Mountain Mama said...

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment.
I can't imagine my town being flooded with so many.
Your town must be very crowded right now.
How exciting!
How's traffic?
I have added you to my links. Hope it's ok
We think a lot alike.