Saturday, 26 July 2008

Sunday scribbling , Solace.

The Sunday scribblings prompt is "Solace" for this week.
Solace. Split it up. Can you see the soul.
When I am really upset I need time alone so I go bush.
If you are an Aussie you may associate this "Goin' bush" as a thing spoken of that is done by aboriginal people. Goin' bush or going walkabout. Maybe there is a little bit of that in me that still seeps through after 5 generations of breeding away from my australian aboriginal great great grandmother.

In the bush, on my own, I find solace.
The colours calm me with their beauty.
The flash of a red parrot excites me.
And bird sounds fill the sky.

The sound of water running is music to me.
The smells of the earth and plants are magical.
I take my time to minutely examine a leaf or rock or a flower.

The sounds and rustlings through the undergrowth and breeze rustling in the trees,
give me peace and take my interest away.
The bush's timeless beauty soothes my jumbled mind.
As I calm myself I rationalise the events that sent me to the bush.

I can feel its timeless and ageless comfort.
Can you see it, smell it, hear it, feel it?


My Dad used to take us, his girls, walking in the bush when we were little. He would always get a stick for us to walk along with and we would draw lines along behind us along the dirt track. Looking like a wobbly snake track following us. He would point out plants and birds. He always broke a small switch off a gum tree as he walked along to flick away the tiny bush flies that settled on our backs. We called them free loaders. We would throw and kick rocks along the track.We thought it was wonderful, especially when he picked a gum leaf and placed it carefully between his thumbs and blew through it, giving a loud whistle. I never did master that.
Last time I was upset and went bush I was told by my workmate that I was selfish as she was worried about me and didn't know where I was. I felt really bad about that, but I needed to get away. Was I selfish or did she misunderstand me?


Granny Smith said...

Nature can be wonderfully consoling, can't it? No matter what happens to us personally, the world remains beautiful. You expressed it well.

Merle said...

G'Day Linda ~~ Great post about needing time out in the bush. Your workmate should read your post and know not to worry next time. Mind you,I hope there are not too manu upsets ahead of you. It may have helped if you just said I need to be alone for awhile. I imagine the bush is comforting and consoling. Your Dad loved it too. Thanks for the comment
"And that's when the fight started."
Take care, Love, Merle.

Devil Mood said...

Interesting expression: going bush. I shall use that in the future. I can definitely relate to the need to get away, next time leave your friend a note to tell her you went bush and she won't have to worry :)

LZ Blogger said...

Linda May ~ THX for stopping by... the first time I ever heard the term "bush-walking" was when Mrs. LZ and I were down under a couple of summers back. We call it back-packing or trail hiking or just hiking. But now we actually know what it means! ~ Have a great week and thanks agian for stopping by! ~ jb///

miss*R said...

nothing selfish about going bush.. we all need it sometimes.. whether it is literally going bush or escaping to a private place or even a long hot bath away from everyone.. do it more often linda!!!

Martha said...

Hi Linda, contemplative post that made me think, too. I went to the prevailing insanity blog and enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for the tip.

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Linda, I've always loved the expression going walkabout. It's so relaxing to sit and listen to the other world of nature going about it's business, and being open to seeing some little wonder unfold right in front of you. I've just been putting some photos together today for a post that's been rambling about in my head for a little while and the words see, smell, hear, feel feature heavily in my thoughts. Smiles *!*

As for your friend, you gave her a scare, she was worried for you ... off the top of my head give your friends a funny code word for going bush before you find yourself in another similar position. Smiles*!*

winterwood said...

Love your posts Linda - they are like bush tales...just wonderfully capturing the essense of aussie life here downunder! I also hope you are feeling better?

Shadow said...

your description is absolutely beautiful. great read.