Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Today I was given a reprieve. So here I am writing and reading in my blog.
I was supposed to go to work this morning and clean up an office after it has been renovated. Pretty easy cleaning, just cleaning up the builders mess and fixing it to be habitable again. Anyway it was canceled. We will probably get to do it next week some time, it was extra work on top of my normal cleaning schedule. Instead of doing house work like any sane Mummy and wife would do, I am in here.
My Cold/Flu bug is on the mend. It has left me with a yucky chest but that will go too. I think I have quite a good immune system. This bug has made me feel the worst I have felt for a long time though. If I do catch a virus it is usually a chesty bug not a tummy bug. Michael and Peter have caught it from me now and are miserable. I guess it can't be helped with us all living in the same space. I can be mean and say that now because they most likely caught it off me, even though I was annoyed catching it myself from someone else. He he.
It is a perfect sunny clear crisp winters day here today. It got down to minus 4 here this morning so was frosty and a bit foggy, but now it is clear and beautiful.
The snowdrops that popped up from the garden out the front have a few flowers on them now. There are still bulbs mysteriously popping up in the back yard . I think there are a few tulips amongst them. I am hoping that the others are daffodils as, if they were stinky jonquils, they would be almost flowering at this time of year. They were flowering in my Junee garden a month ago now. The daffy down dillys flower later.
My baby has been sick too, and has the week off Uni. She has been having bad panic attacks which have been increasing in severity. I can't understand it. She was always such a strong compact little personality and probably the person I least expect to have something like that happen. I have in the back of my mind that it may be related to hormones because she had a birth control implant and she never had any problems before having that. She is a lot like her aunt Maureen who had problems with similar things , so here's hoping that that may be a cause and therefore solution to her problems.
This weekend there is a great workshop at Straithnairn arts here in Canberra that I would love to get to. If my tax refund is in the bank maybe I can go to it. It is on Roman mosaics. Something I love and would like to learn about. It is a bit expensive though. I will have to look into it. Not much time left though.
There has been a hold up in the sale of our home in Junee so it is still not finalised. We have been assured that the purchaser is keen to buy it but she is being held up with her money (by Solicitors) else where. So I guess we just have to wait. With the prices of housing being so terrible here in Canberra I think our own plans to buy a house will have to be put on hold for a while anyway. I am not in any difficulty waiting for the other sale to be finalised. Well, that's if you don't count having to pay off a mortgage in Junee and rent here in Canberra which is stretching the budget. But there you go, we have to wait.
We have been having trouble with birds here. It has been lovely attracting them into our yard with seed and scrap bread for them to eat. But, cockatoos and parrots are notorious for enjoying chewing things and they are chewing the wood on the pergola that covers the back of the house. It is becoming quite damaged. We tried painting it with kerosene thinking that it might be a deterrent but that hasn't worked. I would really like to continue feeding them if I could and we put the seed and feed well away from the house but they seem to still enjoy chewing the house. Even our Galah, Cheeky has been put further down the yard away from the verandah area. If you have any other ideas on how to dissuade them, I would appreciate them. It seems to be the king parrots that I have seen causing the damage. The galahs just like chewing the feeding station. Maybe I should email the man I spoke to before from Canberra Bird club.
O.K thats enough waffling on for now, I better go and do something more important with my time.
Bye. Love Linda.


Sorrow said...

Wow, packed quite a bit into that little post. Hoping the house sells, sooner, hoping the panic attacks are dealt with and everything is right as rain, and no advice on the birds. Still have a woodpecker who bangs his head on the gutters to let everyone know this is his territory, at 4 am.

Shadow said...

hiya, thanks for your comment on my food blog... and see you're also a sunday scribbler. i've just discovered it and getting into it. quite fun. i live in the free state provice of south africa, as per your question. and i see you're also recovering from a bug. same here. enough is enough. i feel like being healthy again, heee heee heee. hope your office is sorted and i'll pop in again some time soon...

Melli said...

LOL! I can't even IMAGINE living with WILD parrots! But when we keep them in our homes we buy them all kinds of chew TOYS to have! Maybe you could purchase some chew toys to hang in the trees??? Maybe they would be attracted to them as well as their domesticated friends? I certainly can imagine that they really COULD destroy a home in NO time! Those beaks are wicked!!!

Thank you sO much for stopping into my blog - and for sending your friend, Martha!

Kat Neely Jones said...

Hi Linda

About the panic attacks, you're probably right about it being hormonal. I've been dealing with those the last few years, since I started "the change." I don't like being drugged up (my doctor's suggestion), so I started walking hard every day, about 30 minutes each time. That's helped a lot.

Hope your house sells soon, so you can look for a new one in your area!

Take care

Mountain Mama said...

I'm glad your chest cold is on its way out. My daughter has one too and the poor girl has been coughing so much she aches.
We never used to have such viral things when I was a kid. We had an occasional cold but never heard of a virus.
When you talk about the cool temperature there and the snow drops, it's hard for me to imagine because we are in the hot part of summer here. All our bulb flowers are dried up for the season and you can't even tell they were ever there.
I can
t imagine what you can do about the birds eating your house. Of course we don't have those same birds here. I think you need to talk to someone who specializes in such things.
My sister has just put her old victorian home on the market. I pray your and hers sell soon.
I think Kat Neely Jones is right about the panic attacks. Hormone imbalances can cause some horrible problems.
I'll be back soon.

A wildlife gardener said...

I hope you colds go away soon and that your daughter will be better soon too ...and that all goes well with the sale of your house. We don't have any cockatoos in Scotland so I've no idea how to help you on that one :)

Merle said...

G'Day Linda ~~ Just a quick Hi to tell you I have left you an award at my blog. Hope you enjoy. Take care,
Love, Merle.