Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Here's another post. But really I don't know why I bother sometimes. It seems like I am wasting my time here when I read lots of other peoples blogs and leave comments and very few people bother to even look at my blog. But then again I should go back to why I bother to write in here. Is it because I want to write or because I want something else. Ah well! A bit of both I suppose. How do I grow my blog. Any suggestions?
I had a lovely visit from my nephew Terry, his wife Linda and their daughter Olivia last weekend. Terry is the youngest son of my sister Thelma. He is 40 now I can't believe he is that age. Wow. He is also my son David's god father. We shared a meal. Mum, Linda and I shared a bottle of wine. Out of all the people in my family I think Terry gets my sense of humor and he can always make me laugh. Olivia is a quiet little girl but by the end of the day she was talking and laughing more and enjoying playing with our doggie, Rufus. I did the, "I will tell you some stories about your Dad when he was little" thing, and she really enjoyed that. It was nice to see that they seem to be working as a family so well together. They are from near Newcastle and were visiting on their way to the snow up at Jindabyne. It should have been good up there last weekend. News reports said that there was 2 ft of snow fell on Wednesday and Thursday.
In the news; Lots about the state of the Murray River. For anyone who does not know, the Murray is the biggest river in inland Australia. It runs from the mountains in the east of Victoria. It forms the border between the states of Victoria and N.S.W. and meets the sea in South Australia near Gawler. All of the inland rivers from the top of inland Queensland and through N.S.W. Victoria and South Australia, eventually drain into it. This makes it the biggest river system in our country. All the way along the east of the country. Along their paths they are dammed, sucked dry, diverted, dumped in and it all goes downstream into the Murray. All done for us!
So the Murray river system is in big trouble. It has been for decades, but it is now thought by some to be irreparable. The new labor govt. voted in last year is trying to do something about it, I hope it is not too late, but none the less they are going to try. It was an election promise they are following up with. A billion dollars has been allocated to do urgent repairs to try to salvage the river system. A huge job. I guess the biggest portion of the money will go to consultants to make them richer, but now I am being cynical.
Anyway, my beloved old Murrumbidgee River is one of the rivers that flows into the Murray. It runs through Canberra where I live now and also down stream through Wagga which is my home town.
There has been plans made to suck a bit more much needed water out of the bidgee to upgrade and enlarge Googong Dam, Canberra's water storage and supply for the future growth and development of the city.
Canberra's cut of the 1 billion dollar govt money, is to be put towards the building of a water treatment plant which will remove 80 tons of salts daily from Canberra's waste water that would otherwise be sent , as it is now, straight back into the Murrumbidge river. I was shocked when I read this. Then there are all the other towns along its path adding more and taking more. My dear old river!
I am no great brain so I don't have some wonderfully clever solution to our water problems, but isn't that, although a local solution of sorts, giving with one hand and taking back with the other? I guess it will be quite a while before all plans are actioned. Hmmm.
O.K. thats my rant for the day.
The oil light came on in my car the other day so I checked the oil when I came home and it was not even registering on the dip stick. Pete had a look and topped it up, and reckons the oil is leaking out from around the oil filter and when he looked it was loose. He reckons it is cross threaded. Nice since I had my car supposedly fixed of oil leaks just a month ago and it cost heaps. It is also staining the driveway of our rented house which will put us in the bad books with the real estate agent. Today I have to go back to the mechanic who fixed it and confront them. I hate confrontation. I am such a chicken when it comes to that sort of thing and I know I can easily be conned because of it. I will probably end up paying out more money. Which is very scarce at present.
Michael's driving is going along well. He is driving in the traffic quite well and even asking to drive. All is well except when he gets the gears mixed up and changes from 4th gear into 1st gear, like he did yesterday. Not too good for my poor old car nor for the surrounding traffic or my nerves, fun.
Bye. Love Linda.


miss*R said...

Hi Linda May.. sorry I haven't been by for awhile.. my little grandson has been in hospital..
I saw about the Murray on TV the other day.. Joe and I hope to ride down through Victoria after Christmas and maybe visit Swan Hill and Echuca..
Maddie is up and I hope to see her on Friday.

miss*R said...

oh and blogging sometimes drives me nuts with the commenting.. i have no answer .. there are a few aussie blogs that you might like to read.. email me and I will send the links.

Granny Smith said...

My hubby thinks that water and energy sources are the determinants of the future of the planet. I'm really sorry to hear that the Murray and tributaries are in trouble. I guess I've told you that we lived in Australia for one year, in Melbourne.

Thank you for asking about the fire that was threatening our redwood home from home. Fortunately it is now controlled. A weather change, bringing cooler moist air from the coast, helped control most of California wildfires, that at one time numbered around 1000. It's also much more comfortable.

I, for one, really enjoy your blog! Keep it up!

Sorrow said...

hey linda May!
I wanted to respond to your comments on my post, but you don't have an email...
so I scanned your blog and i don't see pots???
can you?
would you?
pretty please?
post some photo's of your pottery?
i would love to see!

Martha said...

Hi Linda. So strange to read about your winter season in the middle of my summer. Helps to remind me the world is a big place. You are right about the rivers and water - solutions one place create problems somewhere else.

Merle said...

G'day Linda ~~ A really good post and I enjoyed seeing your pots and things
you are very talented. The rivers are a worry all over aren't they?
About your blogging ~ probably more read it, but don't comment. But to get more comments, you have to visit other blogs and leave comments and you should get replies then. You are welcome to contact any on my list ~ there is an Aussie list and overseas list. Visit and see if they interest you and go from there. Good luck my friend
Love, Merle.