Thursday, 10 July 2008

It has been cold here the last few days. The temp. today was 0 to 9 degrees. Good for the snow season, if you like that sort of thing. God knows what our electricity and gas bill will be when we get it.
Yesterday the truck arrived here with the last of our belongings from Junee. Consisting mainly of my pottery kilns and paraphernalia and Pete's tools. So my little car no longer has a place in the garage and is out in the cold. That is O.K. though there are more important things. I will not be getting my kilns hooked up in this house, they will have to wait until we have our own home again. Pete and I went to Junee last Saturday and saw the removalist and they loaded the stuff into the truck while we were there. On the way home Pete and I went on a date of sorts. We had tea out at a restaurant in Civic in the city and then went to the pictures. The movie we saw was "Mongol" which is a story about Genghis Khan. Great scenery and photography. It was pretty good, though a bit graphic in places. We haven't been to the pictures together in years, I think the last picture we saw together was "Dances with Wolves" which should tell you just how long ago it was. We should do that more often, if for no other reason than to do something with each other. The seats were comfortable and spacious too. In the theatre there was a cinema called the premier theatre that has twin recliner seats with little tables and cup holders in them. Very modern and a far cry from the old seats that never had enough elbow room or arm rests and you left the theatre with aching shoulders because you were trying not to get in the road of the person sitting next to you. I will have to check out the premier theatre for myself next time round. Trouble is they might have to wake me up at the end of the movie if the seats are too comfortable.
I had a phone call from my nephew Terry tonight. He said he is coming through here on his way to the snow on the weekend and will drop in to visit us. It will be good to see him and his family. That is if he shows up, he has said he would visit before and didn't turn up.
I am going to the Dr's tomorrow to get my skin cancers seen to again. They should be sort of healed up by the time school starts back again so I don't scare the kids too much, he he. It has been probably 4 years since I last had them burnt off so it is about time again. I hope they don't find any that have to be cut off this time. I have had to get 3 cut off before and 25 plus burnt with the liquid nitrogen. One of the cut out ones was on my eyebrow, the other 2 on my arms. My face will look like a patchwork quilt if this keeps going. One thing I was told was that once you start getting them bad enough to be cut out, you keep getting more of the same sort. The ones I had before were 2 x basal cell carcinomas and 1 of the other ones, I can't remember what the name was, um! Not melanoma though, thank goodness's. The result of good old Aussie sunshine.
O.K. it is late and I am going to bed . Good night.
Love Linda.


Merle said...

G'Day Linda ~~ Nice post and I am glad you and Pete had a nice outing together.Try to do it more often.
It sounds darn cold where you are. Brr. Glad you got the last of your belongings from Junee. It has been very cold here the last week or so.
Even snow in Ballarat and near Melbourne. It just feels like it here. Take care, Love, Merle.

miss*R said...

hope the sun cancer checkup went ok.. it has been cold here too and really windy.
glad you enjoyed my australia post.. I know I am part of this country, but sometimes I feel like a stranger. maybe oneday you & I can have a chat about that :)