Friday, 16 October 2009

Spring at last.

Ahhhhh! Spring at last.
I get to take pictures of pretty flowers and share them with the world.
The house we are in now has better soil that the previous one did. It has a more traditional old fashioned garden that I am sure I will love as this, my favorite season progresses.
I get to bring pretty flowers inside to perfume my spring air with posies like the one above. It contains escalonia, freesia and lavender.

Out the back in a line along the dividing fence are about 6 camellia plants. They are nearly finished their spring flowers. Here are a couple of examples of what is left.

There are a few azaleas flowering around the yard. A white one, this dark pink and a few others that are struggling and not in flower.
This is an escalonia in the back yard.
Lavender with wings, out the front.
Freesias galore. Tough little good value plants with an exquisite strong springtime perfume.
More lavender in teh front garden again.
Don't know what this little thing is but it is pretty. It is tumbling over some rocks at the edge of the driveway out the front, in full and glorious flower.
And below, pretty delicate little lily of the valley just starting to open up near the front door.
If you breathe in deeply you can almost smell spring from my pictures where ever you are, can't you? Lots of little diosma in flower too in the front bed, and little dianthus waiting to pop open in a week or so and show off their pretty flowers and perfume the air as well.
This morning I got out of the house and had my first mammogram. Nothing wrong I just thought it was time I got checked. Pete is on night duty for 4 days so I stayed out so he could sleep.I got a loaf of Vietnamese bread for lunch and brought it home. The Vietnamese make great bread. The french taught them how. I reckon it comes in second only to wood-fired Italian bread as the top bread there is. There is a little baker shop in the nearby shoping centre with all sorts of mouth watering cakes and Vietnamese breads. I resisted the cakes today. A few days back I didn't manage it and was very badly tempted. I must stay away from there when I am hungry. Hehehe.
Time to get ready for work, bye for now.
Love Linda.


Merle said...

G'day Linda ~~ Thank you for all the e mails, before I forget to say that. I am so happy for you that you have a garden and while you live there it is your garden. I love the lily of the valley best I think, though there are some nice other flowers there.
My blood tests were all good. Both
the doctor and I were pleased. I doubt if that poor guy with "just the sweater" would get a second date. I hope you get some nice roses when they bloom. Mine have lots of buds on them too.
Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

Annie said...

Good morning Linda. As we are entering my favorite season, Fall, I am sighing over the beauty of your garden. I can almost smell to fragrances wafting up through my screen. I especially like the pretty little posie arrangement you made. You have the touch.

Anonymous said...

How pretty these pictures were! I envy you all the beautiful flowers in your yard, and the heavenly scent! Ahh yes, a real bakery... that would be deadly for me. The only thing better than warm bread fresh from the oven is cake! :-) Have a lovely weekend, Linda.

Naarya said...

lovely garden :)