Friday, 23 October 2009

Here's to you!

As promised on my last post I am back to pass on the "One Lovely Blog Award" which was given to me by my friend Merle.
Here's the rules.
1. Accept and post the award. Yep! already did that one.
2. Post the award and tell who it's from. That one too, see last blog entry.
3. Pass the award on to 15 other people who blog. Coming up.
4. Notify them. O.K. I can do that.
Here Ti's.
To share this award with me I choose.
1. Bimbimbee, because she really does have a lovely blog.
2. Shadow, the best poet and a very talented lady.
3. Sorrow, a fellow potter and kind lady.
4. Granny Smith, because she is great.
5. Krissie, my sand groper (W.A.) friend.
6. Dee, a very clever writer and regular S.S. participant.
7. Sophie, a new blogging friend.
8. Old Grizz, just because I like him.
9. Wolfie, clever bloke in Canada.
10. Tony, another clever bloke from pommy land.
11. Brad, a great potter, gardener and my very first blogging friend.
12.Wildlife Gardener, what a great artistic blog and garden she has.
13 Mountain Mumma, because everyone should know someone like Bev.
All of the above are on my side bar as my favorite reads. I am a bit silly when it comes to puters, or that is my excuse anyway, so..... I am not putting the links to them on here again because they are all on my sidebar. Click on them there and they will take you straight to their blogs.
AND.........I know ........I can't count either. Hehehehehe.
O.K. now I am off to visit the awardes and let them know.
Love Linda.


anthonynorth said...

Thanks very much for the award. It's always appreciated. And congrats on you getting it.

Anonymous said...

ooh thank you Linda! glad I popped in!! I am on hiatus at the mo and still not sure when I'm coming back...loving raading blogs just not writing mine at the mo!! KRissie at winterwood

Shadow said...

hiya linda. and thank you so much for thinking of me! you are a wonderful lady yourself! have a good weekend!

spottedwolf said...

Hi Lin...yes yes yes you are a lovely lady who sends me far too much junk...;-))) and no no no I don't want awards because your FRIENDSHIP IS MY AWARD.

Sorrow said...

oh! you are so sweet!
Thank you kindly lady!
It means so much!
I am off to a show, so I will try and get to this next week.
In the interim be good to yourself!
and GO play in the mud!

A wildlife gardener said...

Congratulations on your award, dear Linda..and many thanks for choosing me...I feel so honoured, thank you :)

Dee Martin said...

Thank you very much for the award Linda and for all your kind encouragement on my blog. You really deserve the award :-)

Bimbimbie said...

Why thank you Lindy Lou ;)