Saturday, 3 October 2009

Sunday scribblings "First Kiss"

I am back. Telstra mucked us around a bit but we finally have internet coverage again after the move. We have been in this house for one week today. Not everything is sorted yet and there are things to unpack, sort, and repack still. Some of my potted plants have not been moved yet but hopefully this weekend.... ah well, at least I have the luxury of doing some of the move like that. We are midway through school holidays and the school holiday special cleaning is over, so I have the second week of the holidays off work, apart from the 2 private houses I clean, so I will be able to spend some much needed time at home and action it all.
It is raining here, not that we don't need rain, but this weekend is a long weekend and our 29th wedding anniversary and it would have been nice to have pleasant weather to go somewhere.
Back to Sunday Scribblings:
First up a big congratulations to Laini on having her latest book published, and I love the illustrations.
The prompt this week is in honor of her book.
I am sure everyone remembers their first kiss, their first proper romantic kiss anyway.
Mine. I was 13 at the time. I used to go for walks to exercise the dear old dog we had when we lived in Singapore, her name was Skippy and she was a Labrador, crossed with god knows what. Down behind two rows of houses where I lived in Changi was a grassy lane with a creek running through it. It lead to a sort of cement lined pit where the water from the creek used to pool and the women from the local kampong used to go down there and do their washing so I used to like to walk by there and sticky beak at what they were doing. I had met a Malay boy called Rahim and he would tag along with me on my walks and we would talk as we walked about, whatever, don't remember now. Anyway one day we were down the lane sitting in the long grass and he was telling me about the ring he wore on his finger and he took it off to show me. I had a look and tried it on my finger and when I passed it back to him he dropped it in the long grass. As we were searching for it he squatted down on his haunches and I thought, the way young kids would, "Hmmm that is a very unstable position to be in, If I just give him a little push he will....yep, he did, Hahahahahah". When I had finished laughing at him he stood up and grabbed hold of me and kissed me. Oh, how exciting. I was dizzy and lost my balance. Probably lack of oxygen, maybe I forgot to breath. He he.
Well things developed from there and we used to see each other most afternoons after school finished and on the weekends when I was allowed. We would meet at the shop on the corner and share a drink sitting on the steps out the side of the shop. I always had some excuse to go for a walk down to the shops. I guess Mum knew I was meeting someone down there but she couldn't have been too worried, she should have been though. Rahim was my on and off first boyfriend for most of the year and a half we lived in Singapore. He really was a bit of a bastard and I have learned a thing or two about what I am willing to put up with since then. He was very vain and thought of himself as quite the romeo. I wonder what he is up to now. Probably up to his umpteenth marriage. Hehehe.
I had lots of different kisses until;
My first kiss with my husband came about four years later. It happened on the front doorstep to my parents house when he was dropping me off one night after a date. We clashed teeth and all I could think of at the time was oh yuck, because he had yucky teeth that needed fixing up. Apart from my first kiss with Rahim, my husband to be, was definitely a big improvement.
I still get lots of kisses.
But you don't want to know about that do you now?

Love Linda.


anthonynorth said...

A first kiss delicately handled, there.

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Linda, looking in to see if you found a new home, hope you are settling in ok*!*

keiths ramblings said...

Quite enough information thank you! Nice piece.

Anonymous said...

This was a fun read, Linda! Interesting which kisses we remember best and why, isn't it?

Merle said...

G'day Dear Linda ~~ I am so glad you are safely moved and soon will be quite settled. The holidays are handy to get things moved. The school big clean used to be a big job when I cleaned a school, as no doubt yours was too. I hope you will be happy in this new house, my friend.
I enjoyed the story of your "First Kisses" and glad that that you and your husband have reached 29 years.
Congrats, and many more happy years. Take care. Love, Merle.

One pair of Hands said...

Nope. Don't remember my first kiss. Do remember the first one from my husband - pretty special. Coming up to 48 years this month.

Dee Martin said...

Congrats on 29 - we are just a few months ahead of you :)
I enjoyed your tale of first kisses and I have also enjoyed your pictures of your travels.

Anonymous said...

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