Saturday, 17 October 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Junk"

The Sunday Scribblings prompt this weekend is "Junk".
Well, as you know I just moved house a few weeks ago so I know all about Junk. I had a lovely cull and throw out early this week. I took about a dozen or more plastic shopping bags to the salvation army store in Tuggeranong and a large box of matching crockery that I had collected years ago, a bit at a time from the supermarket. I never had any of it out of the box so it was never used. My junk is reborn to be used by someone else who may need it more than I. The rest of the stuff was books and lots of my pottery that had been hoarded up for years . It never sold in the potter's club shop in Wagga and, well, lets face it, how much do I really need to keep. The fun is in the making not in storing it up day, for whenever, whatever, whoever.
We all carry junk from our past in our head
Past hurts and tears, past fears and dreads
If we weigh it all up it's time to let go
Let the bad balance out with the good

Not easy to do, I know from lots of life experience that it isn't. Some things just stick. But you gotta try not to hate and let things run off your back and away from you without them getting to you too much.
Today I have been downstairs in the rumpus room going through boxes and boxes of old family photos. Sorting them out. I put them into different piles. The pile of pics of the kids going through their different age groups was by far the biggest. Making me smile, laugh and melt when I looked through them. Bringing back sooooo many memories. Pictures of beloved family members long since passed away. "Oh I must send that one to my cousin Ruthy who lost her son, Justin, a couple of years ago".
Then there was the box with all the old school reports, newspaper clippings, birthday and anniversary cards, bits from school plays, certificates and scout awards. I guess some would consider all the silly stuff I have collected over the years to be Junk. It is not to me though.
One persons Trash is another ones Treasure.
That is all I can think of today for in here.
So I will go back downstairs to the rumpus room and to sorting my Junk.
Love Linda.


swapna said...

Loved the way you used the prompt to express about the junk we carry in our head. Yeah, high time i weigh and let many, just go.

Enjoyed reading this piece of write very much.

anthonynorth said...

A verse with an excellent message here. So much junk we all carry in our heads.

gautami tripathy said...

The physical junk we can cull. But the mental one is so difficult to let go. Liked this post!

what has time got to do with blood?

spottedwolf said...

good write much of that junk just takes up space we could better use....

There are ways to burn all that junk but one must be willing to ...not just learn of must learn to use them.
This I know for it is what I teach.

Linda Jacobs said...

I did some of that myslef today. I love how you talk about your pottery and the kids' pictures!

Tumblewords: said...

Some junk can be culled, some must be kept. Nice post!

gs batty said...

nice post. love the junk in the head. so honest, so true

Anonymous said...

I have done much of this sorting thru in the past couple years - both the kind in boxes and the kind stored in the heart. It's a hard job, but such a good feeling when you lighten yourself of some of that load. Pictures are the most fun... so many memories brought back to life for just a moment. Good for you in making room for new things in your life!

Dee Martin said...

a very no nonsense, honest point of view. Enjoy going through the old pictures - one of my favorite things to do!

Americanising Desi said...

i so agree with the junk in my head.
damn i m so highly polluted!

Click The JUNK I need to Rid oFF!

Gel said...

I think it's much easier to sort my junk for charity than to figure out which keepsakes to hang onto, because I want to keep all the "things" for memories and that's not possible.
Mental junk is very hard to declutter. It requires an attitude change and lots more effort. Good post!