Sunday, 4 October 2009

Japanese Gardens at Cowra

Today was Peter and my 29th wedding anniversary. We had wanted to go down the coast but it was wet weather and as most of Canberra likes to disappear to the coast on long weekends we decided that we would avoid the traffic and rainy beaches and head inland to have a look see at the Japanese Gardens at Cowra. We haven't been there for several years and as it is spring time we might see some of the trees in blossom that the gardens are famous for. Most of the trees had finished flowering but it is still worth the visit. We had a lovely day out together.
Anyway the picture above is of a good sized huntsman spider that was above the kitchen window at our Macarthur house, the one we just moved out of last week. Big one isn't she. I think it is a she because the boy ones have a skinnier body.
This is some of the canola that was in full bloom between Cowra and Boorowa along the way. Very pretty. Spring has the earth in her fresh green clothes for a short while and she is showing the beauty of her best and brightest colours.
The above picture is taken at the gardens looking out of the display room at the international peace bell.
Look at this big urn, what a masterpiece. Being a potter I can see just how much expertise and time and work must have gone into a piece like this.
These are ornate helmets, sitting on little brocade cushioned stools.
Wow, the Japanese are really the master potters. This is a bronze covered pottery urn. Beautiful.
Ko-imari bowl about 14 inches across. Oh to be able to decorate like this.
Here is the story of the bowl pictured above.
Wet gardens.
Iris with rain drops perched round and perfect on its leaves.
The gardens were built to commemorate the Cowra Break out. During ww2 there was a prisoner of war camp nearby this spot which held 2000 Japanese, 2000 Italian and 1200 Indonesian prisoners of war. The Japanese were taught that to be p.o.w.s was not living and that they should try to escape. They rioted and over 240 of them were killed along with 4 of the Aussie guards.

Funny bloke, peeking in windows. Pete.
Every where you look is a scenic picture waiting to be captured.

I loved the way the plants which are ones we see commonly in gardens in our part of teh world were carefully sculptured to fit the theme and landscape.
Up the hill and down the same hill.

The Japanese theme fitted in with the big old eucalypts indigenous to the area.

Above. Me ringing the peace bell. Why does that man coming down the path not have a jumper on it was back to winter temps today?
The above pic is on our wedding day, were we that age once?
My DH is itching to have the puter back, he says I have been hogging so it I better go.
Poor old fella better humour him since it is our anniversary.
Love Linda.


Martha said...

Good to have you back after the move. Sorry to hear about DH's gall bladder. I went thru that a number of years ago and was glad to finally have it out. My DH says he has to make certain to keep the life ins paid up on me since I seem intent on doing serious damage. Happily, I am still doing okay but am extremely sore. Loved your pictures of the gardens. Happy anniversary.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place! And how fun to look back at that wedding picture. Life goes too fast, doesn't it?

Annie said...

Happy Anniversary, Linda.

The garden is magnificent. I love the flow and curves of the paths, hills, and shrubs.

Shadow said...

happy anniversary! 29 years? wow!!!! the gardens are so beautiful. so GREEN! and strangely enough, we too have been having cold and rainy days the last week...

Sorrow said...

Love the photo's, looks like you had a day full of inspirations!, at least were the art was concerned!

A wildlife gardener said...

Well, my dear friend...congratulations on your 29th wedding anniversary...and what a wonderful day out you had at the Japanese very picturesque and beautiful :)

Loves the giant Hunter spider...but, on the wall, of course, where I can admire him in safety... :)

Cheffie-Mom said...

Congratulations on your 29th Anniversary!! The photos are beautiful!!

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What great pictures!
I was in this park over 14 years ago. It feels like it was just a little while ago, and it's great to see not much has changed.

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These are great photos!